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Together with our clients, we create cultural transformation from the top down to the bottom up. JMJ is a committed team of transformation consultants that believe people are the solution. We know that by unlocking human potential, our work ignites lasting individual and cultural change.

Humanizing Transformation

Our work is with people. It is distinct and goes beyond causing an improvement or managing change.

JMJ’s transformation begins with individuals. We help reveal “what is so” about a current situation to bring new meaning to life and work. When unrecognized beliefs or big assumptions are examined, it becomes possible for us to take new action toward a new way of performance.

The foundation for JMJ’s transformational change is commitment. Commitments transcend the individual. They become an unstoppable movement of people throughout the organization. People who become committed to the same goals – who fully own their future – this is the humanizing of transformation that turns a vision into a possibility into a reality.

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Transformation in Our Words

Today’s challenges are complex. Our world uncertain. In unprecedented times, new challenges cannot be solved using old ways. A transformation in being, thinking and doing is necessary.

Michael Huvane, JMJ Master Consultant, with Kellie Betthenhausen, Senior Consultant, describes how leaders turn desired futures into realities, enabling breakthroughs across industries and companies – large and small.

A Distinctive Framework

We leave a sustainable legacy that not only generates a transformational breakthrough, but also the organizational capacity to produce the next one.

Regardless of the complex issue, the industry, or the setting – a project, an ongoing operation or a corporate enterprise – JMJ’s transformative approach has proved extremely powerful for individuals, and the organizations they serve.

Building Relationships

To one another, the current circumstances and an envisioned future. We teach skills in listening, speaking and behaving to create trust and relationships.

Making Commitments

Inspiring individuals to take a stand for an accomplishment worthy of their best efforts. In seeing the possibilities, the limitations of what can be achieved are set aside in favor of a different outcome.

Building Momentum

Enrolling others in the future possibilities requires understanding, conversations and alignment. Authentic leadership commitments reinforce and accelerate new patterns of behavior.

Coaching Capability

Coaching leaders at all levels to learn, develop and lead is fundamental to building capability and anchoring performance breakthroughs.

Sustaining a Legacy

Putting commitments and values into practices, policies and procedures ensures that transformative change becomes a part of who the organization is.

Transformative Results

What is the impossible vision that you want to make real? When your people step-up to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with you, this is the extraordinary and sustaining element of breakthrough performance. Discover the possibilities.

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