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JMJ to Present ‘Building a World-Class Safety Culture’ at the 2014 ArbejdsmiljøNETs Årskonference

JMJ’s European Director, Alan Palmer, and Senior Consultant, Michael Levin will deliver a session at ArbejdsmiljøNET Årskonference 2014 entitled ‘Building a World Class Safety Culture’. This presentation will focus on the successes, challenges and lessons learned from organisations committed to creating a world class safety culture.

Safety Cultures: Over Managed and Under Led

I assert that focusing on the behavior of and pronouncing judgment on the worker prevented the critical learning for the people at the root cause: leadership at multiple levels of the organization. People in positions of authority and expertise create the operating structure, context and conditions in which people behave. They have the duty and responsibility to practice both excellent safety management and exceptional safety leadership.

Transforming Corporate Safety Cultures in Organizations with Global Reach

An organizational Transformation is no small task, with the seemingly impossible demand to reach hundreds, thousands, or even hundred thousands of people sometimes on every continent on the planet. JMJ Co-founder, Joseph Friedman, spoke with JMJ Partner Mark Britton about the value of commitment and what it takes to cause a cultural safety Transformation in large organizations that can reach around the world.

The Hallmark of an Organization with a Great Safety Culture is how it Responds to Incidents

Within days of that incident my close friend and JMJ Partner, Steve Lang, sent this photo and brief anecdote from a large operating and construction site in India:

Distractions: Our Biggest Obstacle to Safety Culture

On the golf course yesterday, I gave some thought to what may be the single biggest obstacle with our work at JMJ, and even more so for our clients taking on our work.