Delivering Returns on Capital Projects and Turnarounds

This program has delivered unquestionable value and has allowed us to complete the project in the earliest possible time frame. My only regret is that we didn’t start this process with JMJ right from the beginning of the project.

Project Director,

Qatar Chemical Company

Delivering Success throughout Your Major Capital Project Lifecycle

The risks associated with a Major Capital Project (MCP) are well documented:

  • Budget: nine out of ten MCPs go over budget by as much as 30%.
  • Scheduling: a continuous challenge, with some projects behind schedule by more than a year.
  • Results: multiple owners, contractors, interfaces, and geographies—each with its own agenda, each with its own impact—make successful results extremely elusive.

The complexity and extreme risks associated with MCPs call for a transformational approach to project execution and delivery—one that addresses the most pressing issues of safety, quality, innovation and productivity.

JMJ’s experts will help your project teams – no matter how complex – to align, commit, and execute holistically, with a common goal of exceeding the required return on investment.

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Aligning for Results

In every industry, on every continent, when JMJ is called in to deploy our High Performance Project™ approach, significant increases in key performance metrics are the outcome. Moreover, the shared sense of responsibility and respect creates incalculable long-term benefits that can’t always be measured, but can be surely felt. We’ve found the secret to achieving these extraordinary tangible and intangible improvements is: alignment at every level, coordinated action, mutual appreciation and respect and shared understanding.

JMJ’s capital project management consulting process, enables you to address confrontation between owners and contractors, between engineers and builders, and between different disciplines and trades - before it ever happens. Our approach to building a High Performance Project™ ensures everyone stays committed to accomplishing the end result safely, efficiently. Period.

High-Performance™ with Incident and Injury-Free™ (IIF™) Execution

Whether your enterprise is a multi-billion-dollar LNG facility, a chemical complex, a world-class airport, or a vast open-pit iron ore mine, the foundation for success is the same.

We align and engage clients and contractors from inception to project completion to achieve a ‘One Team’ approach with a common vision of safety leadership and project performance.

We build strong integrated project cultures that achieve High-Performance with Incident and Injury-Free execution.

For all phases of your Major Capital Project, a single vision and supporting infrastructure will ensure exceptional outcomes for your enterprise.

Creating Value in Each Phase of your Major Capital Project

The Results Speak for Themselves

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