Jay Greenspan founded JMJ Associates in 1987 and his work since then has taken him to more than 40 countries delivering JMJ’s management methodology under vastly differing multi-cultural circumstances. As Founder, CEO for the first 12 years, and Chairman, he has been instrumental in developing JMJ’s approaches and proving them in the workplace. He has worked with many of the world’s largest companies, including Intel, BP, Jacobs, Anglo American, Chevron, Skanska, Rio Tinto, Boeing among others, and has a deep understanding and appreciation for the challenges these corporations face and the role the senior managers face in leading them.

Jay was a driving force in the development of JMJ’s Incident and Injury-Free™ (IIF™) safety approach. He has delivered this approach in chemical plants, construction sites, computer chip plants, mining operations, off-shore drilling rigs, and numerous other locales. In each setting, there have been significant and sustained breakthroughs in safety performance. He also pioneered JMJ’s approach to support major capital project execution to achieve benchmark performance in cost, schedule, and quality and had been involved with those world-class projects for 30 years, many of which became the new benchmark for performance for that company or in that industry.

His strength in consulting derives from a deep commitment to the success of those companies and individuals who themselves are committed to exceptional performance. He stands for every employee in large global corporations be treated with dignity, care, and respect. Jay is passionate about this work and expresses that in every moment of each engagement.

Another prime area of Jay’s work is in the direct support of senior executives in building their organizations and leadership teams in a way that they can fulfill the promise and possibility of their company. He has developed and maintained long-term relationships with CEOs and company presidents around the world and considers this one of the most fulfilling aspects of his consulting career. He currently chairs a CEO Forum for 18 US-based construction firms who share best practices with one another.

Prior to creating JMJ, Jay was COO of The Hunger Project. An NGO committed to the sustainable end of hunger with a core focus on the empowerment of women. During that period he developed a global cadre of tens of thousands of people working locally in 26 countries to eliminate hunger.

Jay’s first career was as a teacher and then principal at an inner-city high school in America. This was a school for the castoff students, and during his time there it became one of the leading public high schools in America placing 70% of the students in universities.

Jay is married with three children recently returning with his family from several years working in South Africa and currently resides in Washington, DC. He is an avid sportsman, surfing, long-distance running and practices yoga.

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