I’m passionate about creating trusting relationships between executives and the front line. Creating an environment grounded in authentic care and respect unleashes discretionary effort and sustained impact on performance...core to this is valuing equality of life and equality of voice. All lives matter and matter equally and all voices count. 

Gill designs and delivers bespoke change programs for large complex organizations and works as a strategic partner with C-Suite clients.

She is passionate about developing leadership capability and culture and believes that the voice and tacit knowledge of the front line are strategic cornerstones for the prevention of accidents.

Her work in high-hazard industries focuses on enabling safety as a driver of broader organizational change. Gill has a significant interest in major accidents and is working to ensure the learnings from high-hazard industries are applied, following the Grenfell Tower fire (the largest fire in the United Kingdom since 1945, tragically killing 72 people).

Gill works across sectors including oil and gas, project management, mining and pharmaceuticals. The scope of her work ranges from executive coaching, to strategy and values deployments, to large scale strategic safety leadership and culture programs.

A sought-after speaker, she has been a guest on the BBC’s “Today” program. Gill frequently publishes papers, including for Cambridge University’s Bennet Institute of Public Policy and the London School of Economics. She hosts a blog ‘The Grenfell Enquirer’ to enable and encourage authentic debate and learning and has recently been commissioned to write a book on systemic change.

Her views are sought by civil servants, academics, regulators and policy think tanks. Gill is both a consultant and an executive coach – working with individuals and teams.

She attended the University of Natal with an Honors in Business Administration (cum laude) and is a qualified executive coach.

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