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JMJ's award-winning Incident and Injury-Free™ (IIF™) approach has enabled the world’s largest construction companies, operating in challenging and complex environments, to reach levels of safety performance they never thought possible

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About JMJ, Oil and Gas Safety Specialists

For over 30 years and from our network of offices across the world, JMJ’s Oil and Gas Safety Specialists have helped change culture and create safe work environments for hundreds of thousands of employees in some of the worlds largest projects in some of the most hazardous working environments there are not only oil and gas but also construction, manufacturing, mining and others.

In fact, we’ve found that operating in a high-risk industry is not a barrier to safety performance. Success starts with commitment. At JMJ, we believe earning a living should never require getting hurt – or worse.

Our clients have not only sent their workers home safely, they’ve attained project outcomes beating cost and schedule that have saved millions of dollars. Safety is not just the right thing to do, it is the smart thing to do.

Oil and Gas Safety Specialists

How We Work

Plan & Align

We engage with leaders to identify where they want to go and what it will take from them to move forward.


We assess the current culture against categories of safety performance including leadership, safety management systems, human performance and values alignment.


We help teams believe that Incident and Injury-Free performance is possible. We inspire the commitments to safety to transform the workplace with a focus on human performance and the elimination of serious incidents and fatalities.

Developing Skills

We build team capabilities in thinking, speaking and performing daily work to foster Incident and Injury-Free performance.


We promote internal capabilities and structures to sustain IIF commitments and enhance safety and business performance.

We Get Results

JMJ’s role made us more safety conscious. It is just so effective in interacting with workers and building relationships and trust and that certainly helped us get a sense of where the culture was. We absolutely stuck to walking the talk and were committed to the things that helped us succeed. We simply recognized that doing anything else, other than a consistent approach, would create backsliding or a return to chaos.

Ron Corn
Senior Vice President, Chevron Phillips Chemical

What most stands out is not simply the HSSE statistics; but rather a new and now established ‘culture of care’ not only for an individual (the Personal Safety), but also for business performance measures (the Asset Integrity/Process Safety and Bottom Line).

Dolf Driessen
Operations Director

In such a work environment, employees enjoy work and motivate each other to act safely. As a result of the positive safety culture, quality and productivity on the project also improved and created a strong bond between all.

Toru Sugimoto
Corporate HSE Manager, JGC

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