What Does Incident and Injury-Free Really Mean?

Incident & Injury FreeTM (IIFTM) is JMJ’s award-winning approach to safety leadership and safety cultures where people are valued and work together to achieve unprecedented results.

What Level of Safety is Acceptable?

JMJ believes that the only answer is the complete elimination of worker injury. We believe that everyone has the right to work and go home safely. That human performance can eliminate serious incidents and fatalities.

Commitments to an Incident and injury-Free culture have transformed the safety, health and wellbeing of workforces around the world – creating extraordinary performance and thriving workplaces in even the most high-risk operating environments.

IIF – Where Everyone MattersTM

We partner with firms of all sizes in infrastructure, energy, manufacturing, aerospace, healthcare and technology. Our award-winning Incident and Injury-Free approach has created strong safety cultures and enabled leadership breakthroughs that include and transcend safety.

By taking on IIF, JMJ clients have achieved not only outstanding safety results, but also gains in employee satisfaction, quality, productivity, efficiency, cost and schedule performance.

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StandForTM Safety

Safety is not just the right thing to do. It is the smart thing. Incremental improvement alone is insufficient to creating a safety leadership and safety culture breakthrough. It requires commitment. It requires taking a stand for safety with conviction and courage that everyone will go home safely.

JMJ’s transformational work in safety begins with the belief that people are the solution. Our safety consultants take a fit-for-purpose approach to cause profound shifts in mindsets, beliefs and everyday actions.


Assess together the current landscape


Create and declare a new shared future


Inspire commitment and participation


Coach, learn and act


Build capability for long term success

IIF Safety Consultants

In partnership with our clients, our safety consultants create an IIF culture where everyone matters. Coming alongside many of the world’s most respected organizations, we have caused cultural transformations from top down to the bottom up. We are driven by a commitment to improving people’s lives in every company where we work.

Meet our Safety Consultants

Every day, with every client, on every engagement, around the world, our safety consultants are working to improve the lives and wellbeing of the people we work with. This is who we are. This is what we StandFor. Join us in the journey to make safety and wellbeing a core value for the people of your organization.

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