Author: Vikki Sanders

February 25, 2020
Safety Talks - Managing Turnarounds, Shutdowns, and Outages

Plant Turn Around Management: Managing Turnarounds, Shutdowns, and Outage

Looking for help with your Turnaround? You’ll love this episode of JMJ’s Safety Talks. Frank Engli is a mechanical engineer by training with over 37 years of experience operating shutdowns, turnarounds, and outages. He is currently the Projects, Maintenance and Turnaround Manager at Shell Canada's Sarnia Manufacturing Center. In this engaging conversation with JMJ safety consultant Vikki Sanders, Frank discusses what he learned about safety leadership and the one piece of advice he would give someone who is managing a turnaround for the first time? Frank recalls successfully teaming up with JMJ to create a safety culture based on “crafting a caring and collaborative approach at the construction site.