Author: Kelli Bettenhausen

May 17, 2021
Construction workers in discussion

Construction Safety: Senior Construction Leader, Tom Peterson Shares Why Holistic Safety is Important to Him, His Own Safety Leadership Journey, and Leadership Practices Enabling a Psychologically Safe Environment

As the eighth Construction Safety Week has come to an end, it is always good to remind ourselves that every day is a safety day. It was a great week to raise awareness of the construction industry’s collective commitment to workplace safety and eliminating injuries. The week was also a fantastic opportunity to reflect on our own leadership journey, share and encourage others to raise critical conversations, and celebrate teams and individuals for their commitment and leading the way forward.
May 7, 2021

Psychological Safety: How Can Leaders Create a Psychologically Safe Workplace Culture to Support Health and Safety Performance?

Four key psychological safety practices for leaders to create a safe environment where people take interpersonal risk and speak up. Mark Britton, JMJ partner, and Kelli Bettenhausen, JMJ Senior Consultant, discuss the topic of psychological safety. Mark shares why he became interested in this subject, and what he has learnt from his research. He goes on to explain how his findings led him to identify 10 leadership capabilities and best practices leaders need to develop and display to make people […]
April 6, 2020

Inclusion Part 2: Communicating Virtually in an Inclusive Culture

Due to COVID-19, we have shifted how we communicate safely and not by choice. Citing “The Loudest Duck”, there is always a dominant group, the elephant, and a non-dominant group, the mouse, in every virtual meeting
March 26, 2020
Physical Distancing

Physical Distancing

Relationships are the Foundation of Accomplishment. How do we stay connected in a time of physical separation? Rather than social distancing, let’s call it physical distancing.