Author: Chloe Handley

May 5, 2021

Safety Leadership Toolbox Talk Focusing on Systems: “Muscle and Bone”

Recognizing the organization’s overall safety begins with each person’s priority for their physical well-being.
May 4, 2021

Safety Leadership Toolbox Talk: Focusing on Behavioral: “When Push Comes to Shove”

How the value for safety is lost when schedule and other critical priorities take over
May 3, 2021

Safety Leadership Toolbox Talk Focusing on Personal Responsibility: “It Won’t Happen to Me”

Enabling individuals to be actively responsible for their personal safety
April 19, 2021

JMJ Sponsors Construction Safety Week 2021 for the Eighth Consecutive Year – An Annual Initiative to Inspire Everyone Within the Industry to be Leaders in Safety

JMJ is proud to support and celebrate the accomplishments of the women and men committed to creating safe workplaces around the world.
March 15, 2021
Homage to Grenfell Tower tragedy

Lessons from Grenfell: Why aren’t we learning?

Gill Kernick, JMJ’s Master Consultant is interviewed by Safety and Health Practitioner (SHP) editor Ian Hart and IFSEC Global Editor James Moore about the pressing need to shift the building safety culture and prevent low probability, high consequence events – such as Grenfell – from happening again.